cosmos garden

This is a short visualization of a project called "cosmos garden". The sculptures are made by Agnes Nemeth, Hungarian artist. Architectural design by Zoboki-Demeter&Associates Architects (, music composed by: Laszlo Hortobagyi. Watch in HD for more detail! English version is coming soon...

sundial - vfx breakdown

This is a basic camera projection test and a "vfx breakdown" for it :D It could be refined more, but I just wanted to get the mood fast...

Theoretical Block

Simple short, hope you like it! :) music: videocopilot/proscores, RATATAT: Shempi

House of Arts - St. Petersburg

This is a presentation movie for the plan of the new House of Arts in St. Petersburg. I created it for the Zoboki-Demeter & Associates architects. Some pictures presented in the movie are from the House of Arts in Hungary, which is an already existing building also planned by ZDA architects. Music theme is from the Romeo&Juliett by Prokofjev.

Hotel visualization

Hotel visualization - Esztergom - architect: Zoboki-Demeter&Associates

scificity - 2.5D test

Simple hand drawn 2.5D scene test

arles, inside pen sketch

moving in hand drawn graphic - Arles

nebulon-b above the Anker-house

camera tracking test with some nebulon-b ship flying over Anker house - Budapest

camera track - teszt 3

simple "live drawing" test on live background

camera track - test 2

camera tracking test with a milleneum falcon fly-by at Elizabeth square - Budapest

camera track - test 1

camera tracking test, simulating a hole in the street

solidfill pictures - welcome scene

just another test video, shot and cutted fast, just for fun.